Instructional Design, Media, Games & Videos

Sound Design, Audio Restoration, Logo Design & Motion Graphics

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Design, Repair, Restore & Master

Instructional Design

Helping your training department design, develop, test and implement instructional content that will engage, inspire and deliver superior results.


Coaching you through the process of designing your training materials, assets, assessments and high quality media.  Customized to address your learning objectives to increase learner retention & maximize retention.  

Sound Design

Customized, boutique-style sounds created, recorded and synthesized using both digital and analog equipment.

Editing, Mixing & Mastering

Attention to detail, patience and a passion for producing high quality audio content motivate us to help your media sound it’s very best.

Audio Restoration

Clean up, clarify, repair and restore your troubled audio recordings, voice-overs, public speeches and podcast interviews with precision.

Web Design

Helping you create your digital storefront or magnify your online presence with a modern, fully responsive look and seamless functionality.

How can we help you?

3 Easy Steps

1. The Quote

2. The Process

We communicate with you during every phase of our iterative production and design processes.  We listen to you as you articulate your vision and help you translate your intentions into a final product that you will absolutely love!

3. The Results

You receive the results you’d hoped for plus a little extra because we care so much. The original quote was exactly as promised.  Excellent!


Reflections, tweaks, hacks and discoveries…

Free Soundscapes Sample Pack

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What clients say…

Travis has been an extremely committed and reliable person to work with. He’s self-motivated, pays great attention to detail, honest and adhears to deadlines consistently. I worked with several freelancers in the past and Travis has been the most professional by a country mile.
Ash Roy – Founder of “”

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