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Have you ever recorded a stellar voice-over only to find a noticeable hum or noise that rendered it useless? 

Do you need someone to help you edit, clean and mix your audio for use in your multimedia projects?

Are you searching for fresh Sound FX & Foley for your videos, films or multimedia creations? 

Are you passionate about creating immersive and engaging instructional materials for your learners?
Instructional Design
Sound Design
Audio Restoration
Are you passionate about creating immersive and engaging instructional materials for your learners?

We work with SMEs to deliver the most effective instructional content using the latest eLearning tools available.  We work with you to create instructional media that will engage your learners and increase retention.
We produce Ambient, Acoustic, Electronic, Orchestral and a list of genre specific styles based on the mood you want to convey.

We design, record, compose and produce high quality audio assets for your next project.  Send us your requirements and we will quote you a price within your budget.
Pesky paper crinkles, unexpected background chatter, early reflections and ambient room noise can be a significant source of distraction for your audience.

Send us your problem audio files and we will clean them up and send them back to you delivering the best possible quality for your polished final product.
Instructional Media
Vital Nutrients
The Vital Nutrients project was envisioned as a concise, informative and modular project with various instructional assets.  These instructional objects were designed to help guide the learner through a series of important facts about nutrients contained in foods that are most valuable to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  This is the overview video for the course.
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"Travis has been an extremely committed and reliable person to work with. He’s self-motivated, pays great attention to detail, honest, and adheres to deadlines consistently. I worked with several freelancers in the past and Travis has been the most professional by a country mile.”

- Ash Roy, Founder of"