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    Powerful Innovation – Brian Wilson and Pet Sounds 50th Anniversary The days of love ballads and surfing songs were drawing to a close in the mind of Brian Wilson, the brilliant leader of the Beach Boys. His relentless pursuit of the next big hit kept him focused from sunrise to sunset for years. The sounds in his head bounced around relentlessly until he discovered the most efficient way transmit them to the public. His methodology, in most cases, was progressive and far ahead of his time. The finished songs that made it on the album “Pet Sounds” were a testament to his pursuit of perfection and sonic innovation. The Beach Boys had reputation of setting the wheels of the

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    This year we will be creating original Sound FX, Foley, Field Recordings, Analog and Digitally synthesized samples to a sample pack on This pack will include a growing list of samples for use under the Creative Commons Attribution license and will be free to download, of course. Our goal is to design at least 250 sounds, from short one-shot samples to longer files for editing and resampling purposes, for this pack over the course of 2016. In order to stay up to date on the progress of this ongoing sample pack, you can click on the “AM” icon in the header and footer of Here are some screenshots to show you exactly where to find them:   Please

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    Sound designers are selected during the pre-production stage of a project by the producer or director. They oversee sound work during the pre-production and post-production phases. Many times they assume the responsibilities of the supervising sound editor, Foley artist, and re-recording mixer. It all begins with the script. The sound designer shares in the design of the sonic landscape and mood conveyed for each scene in the project. A detailed list of sound FX and Foley are compiled to begin the project. A Sound Designer is responsible reviewing the script and organizing the necessary sounds for the project into categories based on the basic types of sound FX:   Sound Design or Synthesized FX - original sounds created to

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    Soundly is an application developed by Peder Jorgensen and Christian Schaanning and is available for both Mac and Windows. It is a cloud-based software that keeps your sounds organized and accessible. The free version includes a small library of accessible files to scan, re-pitch, and reverse quickly within the interface. The future for Soundly looks bright.  They have taken the time to listen to their beta testers, sound designers, and engineers and apply feedback after a few years of tweaking before releasing the current version to the public. Here are the specs according to Soundly: • Mono, stereo and 5.1 • Smart, lossless compression from our server gives you lightning fast transfers • Built on Google's infrastructure for unparalleled

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    Characteristics of Instructional DesignHere are some highlights and concepts from Dorian Peters' book Interface Design for Learning (Ch. 1) and how they relate to the characteristics of Instructional Design as described by Robert M. Branch and M. David Merrill in the book Trends and Issues in Instructional Design and Technology: I appreciated the similarities and differences between the information presented in these texts and found a few points worth mentioning. Reiser & Dempsey (2012) show that instructional design is “student centered” and “goal oriented” with the explicit intent of increasing learner performance. Peters (2014) agrees with this concept and further states, “learner-centered design is about transforming the user”. She feels that a transformation occurs within the mind of the learner

  • Click the text below: RT60 Calculator It seems to be common knowledge these days that proper room treatment should be priority #1 for any audio professional.  This calculator provided by SAE has drop down menus for specifying building materials, windows, floor covering, and will translate all measurements to the system of which you are most familiar.  This is the easiest and most useful calculator we have found on the web. In the next few weeks we will be discussing acoustical treatment options available for DIY and those for purchase in different price ranges. For room treatment certain basic rules apply across the board and the industry standards have not changed much over the years.  The main subjects for these discussions